Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Science Article Summary - 7

Science Article Summary - 7

Wireless Optical Transmission Key to Secure, Safe and Rapid Indoor Communications

[1]“Wireless optical transmission key to secure, safe and rapid indoor communications,” Jan. 28, 2010. [Online].Available: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/01/100127211857.htm. [Accessed: Feb. 2, 2010].

Researchers at Penn State University have finally discovered a new method to wireless transmission that was previously unheard of.  Apparently light is much more efficient than the presently used radio waves when it comes to data transmission, boasting a very large bandwidth with speeds of over a gigabit per second.  Although this new method would require direct line of site to the source, a system with multiple source elements has been devised to rid the user of this problem.  This allows it to be just as usable as the current radio wave wireless networks, but an added bonus with the light waves is that the waves will not travel through walls, allowing for a much more secure network.  Without infiltrating through the walls like radio waves, the signal from your network will not be seen from outside the room, meaning that anyone who wishes to attack your network will actually have to be inside of your house.

Another important functionality of light waves is that the frequencies do not impede on the radio wave frequencies that many special areas use, such as hospitals or airport bases.  This would mean that such areas will finally be able to access an entirely new dimension that seemed impossible before, allowing them to take advantage of the possibilities of a networking system.

The final advantage is that the light waves have the functionality to directly distribute high resolution images at extremely fast speeds.  This could possibly change our entire views on high definition television as televisions would be able to be wireless, thus ridding the need of those long cables that run throughout entire houses.

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