Monday, February 1, 2010

#1 Recent Dream (freewrite, 10 minutes)

The majority of my really vivid dreams happen at my mothers house, in Timberville, Virginia. It is in a beautifully wooded area off the beaten path, so it definitely allows my imagination to wander where ever I please. The most recent memory was actually last night, making it a really conveinent experience. I remember setting out in the rolling wooded hills with my fiancées father. We were hunting for deer, and my fiancées father had the gun. All that I remember from my dream is that we were watching hundreds, if not thousands of wandering deer pass by, moving on to a different plot of land. This normally wouldn't be a problem when we are hunting, but my fiancées father really likes to kill bucks and the deer that were passing us all happened to be does. The majority of my dream encompassed us standing in the frigid snowy woods watching the deer, it seemed like it must have spanned the entire day. When the day was coming to a close the large herd of female deer final came to a halt. A little while after this, we knew the big bucks were getting ready to come out. A moment later I looked up to the small hill across from us to see a small group of bucks running. This also wouldn't be much of a problem, but the bucks were being chased by a wolf, which happened to look like my fiancées fathers Siberian husky. My fiancées father has a strict policy against anything that hunts animals like that, so he seeks out to kill the predatory animals. The rest of my dream consisted of him shooting and killing the wolf-husky looking animal that was chasing the deer before I finally awoke just after 8 a.m this morning. The ironic thing about this entire thing is that the predatory animal really did look like my fiancées fathers husky, but it was just that his love for deer in general just took over. It almost seemed like a fight against his views, on one end he wanted to save the deer that he seeks to shoot, but then again he really wouldn't want to kill his Siberian husky who is his pride and joy. Another ironic part about this dream is that wolves are not found around here, but the closest thing to that animal in those woods would be a coyote. I have actually been hunting with him on that land, and I specifically remember him saying that he would should predatory animals if he saw them, anything from coyotes to foxes.

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  1. Haha! Sam showed this to me and I almost peed myself. You know my dad wouldn't shoot Smokey even if he were a real wolf, but that is still a pretty funny dream. And plus, Smokey is too fat to run and chase deer. He's rather sit out in the snow all day than actually chase something.