Saturday, February 6, 2010

#5 Learning Styles (freewrite, 10 minutes)

As I said in my introduction, both the quiz, and the readings seemed to correlate to give me the Logical-Mathematical preferred learning style. During class I love to set and read slides, I think its much easier to capture the information in that way. I really feel that I need time to capture the information so that I can take really detailed, almost verbatum notes. After I finish these notes I usually go back and study quite hard before a test, and for the most part I have always done fine. Other than notes, I can usually handle when teachers write, or do lectures on the white-boards. I can usually keep up with them in this manner, but sometimes when they bust out the diagrams or drawings I am forced to pull out the notebook to jot them down. More often than not I try to take all of my notes on the computer. I feel that I am completely organized when I use that method of note-taking, whereas with paper I just feel inefficient as writing is generally much slower than typing.

One problem I have in classes, particularly this semester, is that all of my teachers will teach from powerpoint presentations, which I normally would cherish, but this semester EVERY professor I have seems to fly through them. Instead of facilitating my learning ability, flying through slides only causes me to try and cram the information the teacher is feeding me, and most of the time I end up falling behind while the professor rushes to the next slide. Other than not learning quite up to par, the teachers just seem to love throwing information at us, and by flying through the slides it allows the teachers to cover well up to 3 chapters per week which seems overwhelming to most.

In my Computer Science major, I do sometimes get a chance to work as a group, and generally I do very well with this type of setting as long as everyone is willing to be a part of the team and do their share of work. I think I probably do work better with a team because it allows everyone to be a check for the work, and other than that it allows everyone to bounce ideas back and forth. Rather than creating a single method for designing and implementing a system, this method of bouncing ideas back and forth allows us to better understand every available method, thus allowing us to learn new, better things.

I find that in math classes, where slides are not available, that just copying what the professor is writing on the board verbatim is the best method. This guarantees that when I go back to study I will have every available resource and be able to complete the problems much in the same way the professor would.

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