Monday, February 15, 2010

#4 What did you see on your way to work/school/etc. (pick one commute)? (freewrite, 10 minutes)

I will be doing my freewrite on a commute that I did last Monday evening, a week ago today. It was just after the first Snowpocalypse, and the next blizzard was well on its way. My roommates and I really needed to get out to get a snow shovel, so we decided to brave the disasters on the road in order to make our way to Home Depot and the grocery store. On the way there we noticed just how horrendous the roads actually were. Not only were they not plowed at all, but they had been packed down so much that the snow had turned into sparkly, slippery ice. On our way to Home Depot we took note of the hellish conditions of the road and were astounded when we noticed a high snowbank that had been pushed up over a curve. This doesn't seem horrible with the amount of snow that we had, but this snow bank just happened to have a bunch of clothes and shoes peeking out from underneath of the snow. My roommates and I had been talking for days, seemingly joking about someone being pushed up under the snow by a snow plow, so this sight really frightened us and made us think twice about how bad the snow actually was. After some careening and sliding around the anarctic-like unplowed roads, we finally made it into Home Depot. Unfortunately for us, they were still out of snow plows, so that life-risking journey was really all for nothing. On the way back home, we happened to get stuck in the ice and snow in the parking lot. No one really wanted to let us out, they instead kept passing us and invading our space so that we couldn't back the car up. After some yelling we finally had our chance to get out, and we backed the car up quickly and gunned it with guns-blazing out of the parking lot. The rest of the trip home wasn't horrible, but it was still extremely hectic with the amount of people that were rushing to gather things before the next storm. It was almost like an apocalyptic sight that day. People were jockeying for anything they could get, both on the road and at the grocery store. Theres just something about that much snow in this area that really frightens people, and puts them on edge.

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