Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prospectus Workshop Summary

After this workshop process i can thoroughly say my partner has a great paper, its just that this class is so unorganized that its hard to keep up with whats due and when its actually due.  Overall I believe the comments I provided were very thorough and truly answered everything that needed to be answered.  I hope these comments end up being helpful, at least like it was for me.  Since the class is so unorganized the questions helped me to make sure that my paper was actually on the right track and that I had the requirements which are scattered around all over the place.  I found the simple yes/no comments the most  helpful because it was easiest to follow the fulfillment of requirements when the answers are started clearly.  The brunt of the information that I have gathered by doing these critiques has allowed me to see the different ways and methods as to how to approach a certain research topic, and this will be the best help for my future essays.

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